Don't we love when new restaurants hit the 432. This past weekend was finally able to check out Bubba's 33. Brand new at the Midland Psrk Mall parking lot. It totally has a cool Sports Bar feel. There were actually 2 Bar areas as well as a general seating area. If you love TV's, your gonna love this plase. I counted 55 TV's on the wall! Very cool. You weon't miss the GAME there! LOL

The service was great and the peeps there were very cool and informative. They went over the menu with us and explained how Bubba's 33 got their name. I won't spoil the story for you lol.

Very loud restaurant but hey it was packed!

The menu specializes in BURGERS and PIZZA, but they have other stuff like Sandwiches and Salads and of course great appetizers.
When I went, I tried the South Of The Border Burger. Yes! It rocked. They have homemade burger buns by the way. This burger features CHORIZO mixed inside the burger patty! Oh yeah, I tore it up!

My son ordered a Pepperoni Pizza and the crust rocked. All the PIZZA there is BROOKLYN style crust. The kind you FOLD is how it was explained to me. It was good!

Great experience and they say on GAME day it gets crazy there. So go early and Go COWBOYS!!! And, thanks for some good food and experience Bubba's 33!