bubba's 33

Bubba's 33 And Texas Roadhouse Fundraiser Today
Today is the day to dine for a great cause at one or both awesome restaurants in the 4-3-2. Bubba's 33 and Texas Roadhouse locations invite everyone to eat for the victims and families of the recent tragedy in the Permian Basin.
Texas Roadhouse And Bubba’s 33 Helping Out Hurricane Relief
It is amazing and heartwarming to think of all that have helped with the devastation left behind in the wake of the hurricanes. It restores a person's faith in humanity to know that we are all doing our part to help complete strangers, whom we will probably never meet, simply because that is wh…
Bubba's 33 Gets A Thumbs Up From Me
Don't we love when new restaurants hit the 432. This past weekend was finally able to check out Bubba's 33. Brand new at the Midland Psrk Mall parking lot. It totally has a cool Sports Bar feel. There were actually 2 Bar areas as well as a general seating area...