Beach Better Have My Money!


I saw this shirt and instantly I had to have it. I mean, what's not to love? It almost says a dirty word, it references modern pop culture, and believe it of not, it cost me less than $10. That's right, you too can be the proud owner of this stylish and not at all offensive shirt for only like 9 bucks. Not too shabby huh? I snagged it on a website called

Although I think it just might be slightly more funny that a guy named Chris Brown is wearing a shirt referencing Rihanna. The thing that surprises me is the fact that, that joke is still a thing. I'm pretty sure Chris Brown smacked Rihanna over 10 years ago. You can imagine how many times I've heard "Oh you're the guy who smacked Rihanna" followed by a pause as if after 10 years of hearing that same line every time I meet someone new, I'm going to bust out in laughter.


Sorry, not sorry. Funny, not funny. Original, not original.

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