Koozies have been a staple of keeping many drinks cold since...wait, when were they invented? (Eater.com insists the modern koozie came about in 1981.) Anyway, thank goodness they were invented because let's be real here - does anybody really enjoy actually holding a cold item?

I mean you have keep switching hands to keep yourself warm. The can also starts metaphorically sweating as well, so you have to wipe your hands constantly too. In short, you need a koozie for a cold drink in the heat.

But what about something that needs to be continuously cold?

With new ideas constantly being introduced, at some point somebody had to realize that people snacking on ice cream probably don't like having cold hands as well. Who hasn't eaten an entire pint of ice cream when they're sad? It's very comforting, or so I've heard.

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Enter Blue Bell with something that many might have dreamed about. Or at least, an item other than something that would inadvertently melt the ice cream that consumers are eating. Yes, Blue Bell has finally made...an ice cream koozie.

You read that right. An ice cream koozie.

According to their Facebook page, the Blue Bell pint koozies went fast, but they're going to stock more soon.

Whoever came up with this idea deserves a raise. I'm talking a quadruple salary raise. How did nobody think of this before?

Now this item definitely won't keep ice cream cold outside in the sweltering Texas heat, but it will help when you're watching a movie or your favorite show.

But for those wanting to keep their sodas cold as well, we've got good news.

Blue Bell Store
Blue Bell Store

They've got regular ones!

Blue Bell Store
Blue Bell Store

In 3 varieties at the time of writing.

Blue Bell Store
Blue Bell Store

You can find the Blue Bell can koozies here.

I need all of these because I'm slowly becoming more of a Texan day by day. I love Whataburger, and I even now own a Whataburger ketchup koozie.

Tommy Paradise
Tommy Paradise

Serious question: Which Blue Bell koozie should I buy? Let me know using the chat feature in our station app!

Speaking of Blue Bell Ice Cream...

Blue Bell is the official ice cream of Texas, and my personal favorite. According to a new list of the 15 best brands of ice cream nationwide, Blue Bell was ranked in the middle.

In addition to ingredients, texture, and variety, Tasting Table used Influenster and other site reviews as part of its ranking process.

Scroll on to find out how Blue Bell compared to the number one ice cream, and how all 15 on the list were judged.

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