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I want to propose to my girlfriend on our vacation this summer, but I can't afford the ring she wants. She wants this beautiful $3,000 ring. She has shown me this picture for months now. I have been saving, but with our vacation there is no way I can pay for it. I think if this is the ring she wants, then she needs to pay half on it. She will be the one wearing it, not me. If I have to pay for the whole thing, then I should be picking it out and getting her what I want.

Would it be wrong to ask her to pay half for her engagement ring, since she wants an expensive ring?



Dude don't stress over a ring.... if she throws a fit because she didn't get what she wanted she is clearly a materialistic kind of girl and you don't want that in ure life especially if u are just now starting off....
Buy her what u can afford ♡ don't stress for a ring that's not on ure budget, enjoy the vacation. Best Wishes

I think you aren’t ready to get married . Js .

If she loves you and wants to spend the rest of her life with you, she’ll be happy with what you can afford, because she’ll still have you.
The ring doesn’t make the marriage. Neither does a lavish wedding, that’s just 1 day. It’s about the memories you create together.

I think if the ring she wants is higher than you budgeted for, then yes ask for a little help. Or buy what you can afford and buy her a nicer one on your 10th anniversary

No you don’t ask for help. You get the ring you want to get. Stop being a little bitch and be a man. She shouldn’t be picking out her ring anyway. Wedding ring yes but not engagement. Also stop being a little kid worried how she will feel if you bring something up. Women aren’t scared to tell you how they feel if it’ll upset you or not. So why should you be afraid to bring something up.

The man pays for the ring, make payment on the ring. It will not end well if you ask her to pay half.

Do not ask her to pay half!

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