Buzz Question - First off, let me say I'm in a happy relationship with my man and have been for 4 years. So, answer me this...WHY AM I DREAMING ABOUT MY EX? I don't get. I haven't seen him in more than 4 years. I have had several and I don't get it. I haven't and won't tell my man, but what do these dreams mean?

This is what the TEXAS has to say about it!

When you wake up, rollover on top of your man and do your thing. Problem solved

Yes tell your man and open up that can of PROBLEMS! SMH

It means that ure inner self is a sucia
Jk I've had dreams of people that make me go WTF as soon as I wake up, eh I pay no mind to them just keep loving and respecting ure husband girl ♡

It's a DREAM, nothing more unless you make it so!

You are having a nightmare

It means you have to "accidentally" push him into a woodchipper! JK LOL!!!!!!! It means you are normal and don't tell him about it ever because I said

Top Fan

Girl Just ask Google ‍♀️

Don't think anything about it, just move on.
Dreams are a random thing that mean zero. You will ruin your whole life paying attention.

Ray Ray
What is a dream? Is it real? Or is it just our brain acting up. LOL Don't worry about it.
A dream is nothing, your good!\

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