Yep, spill something in your car and yo have that smell for days. Buzz Question today, what does your CAR SMELL LIKE?

*Oatmeal! Yep, was eating it on the way to work and left it in my car . It hardened up, and now my car smells like OATMEAL!

* Jaclyn: I used to work valet and I smelled everything from like trash to Mary Jane.
* Brittany: Try dog throw up... I cleaned it so well but it stunk for a week
* Aija: I brought a crab boil in my passenger seat and a bunch of the juice spilled into it so you can imagine what that smells like
* Terry: Yes, I have a foul odor in my work truck. I left my work boots and sweaty socks in it all weekend with the windows rolled up.
* My car mostly smells like dead hopes and dreams

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