Buzz Question - SO , I found the Christmas present my man got me for Christmas. Here's the deal, I already HAVE THIS. Should I tell MY MAN I found it and that I already have one, or should I just wait for Christmas and let him know then.  I appreciate the gift, but just wondering If I should give him the heads up so he can get me something else before Christmas.

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I bet it’s the “Rose” 😂👀🌹

You still have the recipe? Take yours back to the store and accept your man's gift .. new gift and money in the pocket .. win win situation with no feelings hurt

Just hush up except the gift and act surprised. He picked it out with good intentions dont ruin it for him at all ..Let him have his moment!

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There is no need to tell him anything! A simple Thank you and zip it!

Um, don't be a Grinch! Why ruin Christmas? So you found the gift? Why go looking around for your gifts? Your not 5 years old. Zip it! And appreciate he got you a gift in the first place.

My girlfriend did the same to me and trust it's not cool. She found the gift in my apartment that I had for her and days before Christmas she told me if I could get something else. Yeah, worst Chiasmas ever. Broke up with her in the new year.

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