Buzz Question - Hey guys, just got married a month ago to my new beautiful wife. Things have started out really good. But, now this comes up again. My wife wants to change the NAME of my dog. When I broke up with my EX, I got a dog and named it after my ex. Well, my new WIFE has been wanting me to change them for months and now that we are married she really is pushing this. I think that's WRONG to do to the dog, right?


Change it....... the wife

*clears throat* why u name that dog after ur ex? Lol
Dog won’t respond to a name change…so don’t change it…buy her a pet and let her name it whatever she wants.

I'm sure this is what that dog is saying

h… See more

BOTH have to be color blind if they didn’t see the red flags on each end.

Un NO! Really she doesn't like the dog's name because it's the same name as your ex? It's not the dog's fault, and this dog is already used to his/her name. Your new WIFE needs to get over it and learn what's really important in your new marriage!

Yep, it's time to get rid of the DOG...WAIT I mean the wife! Yes, the wife...BYE!

Why don't we just change the name of your WIFE and see how she feels about it. Ridiculous! I mean c'mon does it really matter?

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