Buzz Question - My new wife has a request for me now that we have been married for about a month! Stop sleeping in the nude. Yes, I do sleep naked and she says she rather I put something on. I've asked her why it bothers her and just says she rather have me not hanging all out and be a little more modest..  I've been sleeping like this for years and I guess I need to put some boxers on? lol

Here is What Texas Has To Say About It!

Cuz you probably leaving skid marks on the bed!!!

Let me explain to you what this is REALLY about, and it's not modesty. She doesn't like your bare ass being on the sheets and comforter. 😂😂😂 She is basically concerned you aren't wiping your a$$ right and its getting on the bedding. You're welcome. Carry on.

Maybe she's tired of seeing his wiener all shriveled up! Just sayin....



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