Buzz Question - Okay, I don't want to sound ungrateful, BUT my boyfriend of 3 years finally proposed the question...IN HIS UNDEWEAR! Yeah, I've been waiting for this day for a while and he gives me a UNDERWEAR PROPOSAL? Look, I love him and all , but it just wasn't the moment I was expecting. So, I'm asking for a re-do and he thinks that's ridiculous? Don't I deserve another proposal?

Michelle- No, your not ungrateful. Unless he was in BED with you or something romantic, he could have put more effort into it. Yes, proposals in your underwear can work, just put some effort into it and not doing it from walking from the restroom. I say get a RE-Do!

Sara- He could d have BEEN NAKED! Who cares, it's not what he is wearing or not wearing but his emotion behind it.

I hope you said no. Do him the favor.

Don’t worry about sounding ungrateful bc u are. I hope that man kept the receipt.

You are looking at this from the wrong perception...
1st he wants to marry you
2nd.he bought a ring
3rd in the moment and not in the world of what you percieve as perfect for the outside world ...

No you do not deserve a redone! Your selfish!

Can you imagine what he is going to wear at wedding

Why would you want a re-do of something that is no longer going to be a surprise

See you at the gym bro

Bro just pack it up

I would find it hilarious and probably embarrassing for him years down the road. When people ask about how did he propose you can be like in his underwear laugh about it don’t be greedy.

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