Buzz Question - Nope he messed up. So I'm back on the dating scene, and this was the 2nd date with this guy. Well anyways, we are out having dinner and my kid gives me a call on my phone and I talk to her for a bit and she says she wants to say hi to my date on the phone...So I reach the phone out to my date and say my daughter wants to say hi and he says no, it's okay and pushed the phone back to me. Yep, I was done. Big red flag right?



Homeboy obviously doesn't care about your kids

Multiple flags on both teams, penalties offset, repeat second down.

Some people aren't comfortable meeting the kids until a few months. I would feel like you trying to make me stepdaddy on the 2nd date.

The second date is to early in my opinion. As a mom of 2 it took me awhile to get to know the person before I introduced them to my kids. Yes the person would know I had kids, but I had to get to know them before.

It was the second date!! There is no reason to involve your children with a person your on a date with.. honestly it was not an important call it was a checkup call, she should have excused herself taken the call then came back and mentioned that her kid said hello.. don’t push your kids on to someone else especially when y’all just started dating!!

More like a red flag for the guy.

Dude, you just messed up. Any real playa knows that if the kid likes you, you're in there for other activities.

Darren Tryon fact yo, but that’s only a tool for the rookie playas to use.

You are the red flag. Who introduces their kid to a guy they just met? I guess your okey with having men go in and out of your children’s lives. How unstable. ‍♀️‍♀️ maybe if you have been dating for like 6 months that could be a red flag but the second date? Wow!!!

Malerie f that I’d be like yo soy tu papa Lmao

It was the second date, maybe he’s not ready to speak with your daughter. If u ask me it’s kinda selfish of you to not take his feelings into consideration. Again if you ask me, he dodged a bullet.

Sure… just like a single mom looking for a dad for her child is also a big


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