"Need help settling a debate. So we all know what a couple, few and some mean, right or don't we. I say a couple is 2, few is 3, and some is 4. Some say 3, 4 and 5. What is the correct meaning?" -Smilez,

Here is What Texas Had To Say About It!


Joey - Some is defined as....

  1. an unspecified amount or number of.
    "I made some money running errands"
  2. used to refer to someone or something that is unknown or unspecified.
    "I was talking to some journalist the other day"



Some are more than 3 all the way up to  'don't get carried away'.


Some means NONE. Cause every time I ask my wife for 'some' I get none...lol... true story.

David -

Some are definitely more than 3. Almost like a handful. lol
















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