Buzz Question - Yeah, I think this is messed up big time! So, me and this girl have been talking for a while on the phone and we finally go on our first date. Pick her up and take her on a dinner date. We get to the restaurant and order a couple of drinks and  I ask what she would like me to order for her and she tells me..."Nothing...I'm fasting!" She said she was in the middle of a day 2 fast diet. I asked her why she didn't tell me because we could have done something else...she said it was no big deal. So now I get to EAT and she gets to WATCH me?   So, I didn't order much, we had some drinks and that was it. Honestly, it kind of messed up the rest of the date. I just don't get why she didn't tell me, we could have gone to dinner on a night she wasn't FASTING, right?

What Texas Has To Say About It!

Yeah totally her fault and really not a good idea.

Um, you still could have made the date good. So she didn't eat, no big deal. Eating is not the reason you guys want to get really is an opportunity to get to know each other. You lost a good opportunity.

I've gone on dates where he has bought me a full dinner and I picked at it. Consider it good that she didn't waste your money!

Lolol who tf agrees to dinner date while fasting. Weird.

I know people who cut weight and couldn't eat, so they would love to watch people eat.

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