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So, recently I celebrated my 26th birthday and I add a Birthday dinner with some friends and family. They guy I've been dating for about 5 months was there as well. Even though, I wish he would not have been there. You see, when they brought my birthday cake out and I went to blow the candles, THIS GUY SMASHED MY FACE INTO THE CAKE!  And, I'm talking all the way in and it was a mess. The cake was ruined. Yes I was PISSED! And, still am. In fact I think it's going to be a deal breaker.   Look, we were not on SMASH FACE INTO CAKE LEVEL...and he just thought it was funny. He thinks I'm being to harsh, am I?


I used to be the childish one in a relationship, now I have no relationship.
It is perfectly understandable if you decide to move on, but make sure the next person isn't a jokester, cause you just wasted 5 months of both of your time.

If he doesn’t understand, then he is probably too immature for you. ‍♀️

Can't have your cake and eat it too lol

There’s a time and place for everything…..not during an adult birthday moment. It’s funny for kids but I would’ve told him to leave right after he did it. Joking and fun is great but let’s not get crazy!!!!!!

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