When in need of a sitter, most parents have it covered. Grandma, aunt, or the teenage neighbor typically come through but every now and again in an emergency situation, what is a mom/dad to do? Who will watch your children for a couple of hours while you head to the office? Should you leave your 12-year-old home alone with her 8-year-old little brother? Is it even legal?

These are literally questions that all parents wonder as our children get older. Can little Kevin stay home with big sister Amy? What is the legal age in Texas? Parents, there are some questions we have concerning our children that oftentimes we just do not have the answer to. Hopefully, this helps:


*At what age can kids stay home alone in Texas? I had heard the age was 13 but according to The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, there is no law in Texas that states what age children can stay home alone. Obviously, common sense must be exercised in this situation. Clearly, I personally would never leave a child younger than the age of 13 home alone. But there are a series of questions that you as a parent can ask yourself to help make that decision. Find them here.

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*At what age can a teen get a job in Texas? State law is that children as young as 14 can get a job but can work no more than 8 hours a day, cannot work more than 48 hours a week, and are not able to go to work earlier than 5 am.


*At what age can my child ride in the front seat? There is no specific Texas law that states at what age a child can sit in the front seat, however, I have always heard that a child must be at least 80 lbs, 4 ft 9 in height and typically the age of 9 in most cases. My 9-year-old will be happy to hear this news.

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At what age can a teenager get his/her driver's license in Texas? According to driversed.com,

they can start a driver's education course as soon as they turn 14 years old - but they must wait until they are 15 years of age to be eligible for a learner license. The learner license allows teenagers the ability to drive their vehicle for the sole purpose of learning to drive - they're required at all times to drive with a licensed passenger aged 21 or older.

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*What is the age of consent in Texas? This one is especially important. The age of consent in Texas is 17. This means any individual 17 years or older can legally agree to have sex or participate in sexual activities. According to this law firm,

Before this, a minor cannot lawfully consent to sexual intercourse or other actions.

It is not a bad idea to share this information with your children.

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