Listener Wrote: A year into my marriage and I still haven't told my husband that my eye color is not real. I don't think it's a big deal, but my sister thinks I should let him know. I've been wearing contacts the whole time even while dating. I think it's silly to even care about it, but she thinks I should tell him the truth. Should I tell him?

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Well...he'll be disappointed if you have kids and somehow their eyes come out brown if your wearing blue contacts. ‍♀️ I know that's not how that works, but if even after 1 year of marriage what else have you been lying about? Just tell him while you… See more

I hope you get pink eye and have to take out the contacts .. ‍♀️

lmao good one

After a yr of marriage he still doesn't know you wear colored contacts ? Like does he not see u with a contact case/contact solution ? Does he not pay attention that he hasn't noticed ?? That's just lame that your husband doesn't know you wear contacts… See more

Uh yeah .. so over due you should have done that a long time ago .. if you wear prescription contacts I hope they tear and you have to wear glasses..

This is dumb!!

If one year he hasn't noticed they're not your really color wtf. I mean you do have to take em put to sleep etc.
Djtiny Baeza
I guess yall don't see eye to eye ill see myself out

Are you lying about anything else? It’s just eye color so what’s the big deal…….but hiding it makes me wonder what else you’re hiding

Just take them out and see how long it takes for him to notice. WHEN he finally does just be like ummmm yeah how could you not know???

It’s more disturbing as to why you would even do that…seems like a lot of unnecessary work and lying ‍♂️

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