So this Knucklehead is going around Odessa robbing houses at gun point. While this is kind of a scary image, I have to say if I saw this at my door at night I would shoot him on sight. I don't understand how this person has gotten away with a series of home invasions in west Texas without being shot.

I don't think I know a single household that doesn't have at least one gun in it. Can any of you say you would open the door to this guy at 3 am? If you ask me, he's living on borrowed time if he keeps this up. It's only a matter of time until he picks the wrong house and walks in to find one of these guys who pray every night that they'll get to use the massive gun collection they've gathered.

There's a metric ton of people in the 432 just itching to finally get a chance to legally shoot someone breaking into their home. West Texas simply isn't the place to pull a crazy stunt like this.