We bought our home last September and were stupid enough to go with the word of the realtor on the home warranty company. Basically we were strongly lead to believe that the A/C unit in our home was extremely old and it would probably go out within the first year (which was true). We were also strongly lead to believe that this home warranty company was really good at taking care of things, aaaaaand the lie detector test determined THAT was a lie.

3 weeks ago the AC went out as planned. So of course we called the home warranty people. They sent out a contractor from a company that doesn't even have an office within 4 hours of here. The "Tech" they sent out ripped my wife off for $250 then left with the problem worse off than it was. I called the tech and he was extremely rude and refused to give me his office's phone number. Also, this was on a Friday afternoon so we had to wait all weekend in the heat to even speak to someone. On top of that, the automated system of the home warranty company hung up on us at least 5 times while trying to speak with someone.

After 3 weeks of no AC, they inform me that it's going to cost me $1,700 out of pocket to replace the AC. This was after being told when we signed up for the warranty that it would ALL be covered. After yelling every curse word on planet earth in every language at them I began negotiating price. Here you see the person in the grey box telling me that he can do it for $900. An hour later the company went back and said $1,000 or no deal.

After everything we've been through, I'm not even sure I could let them walk into my house without wanting to throw some hands on anyone who even looks like they work for them. The way I feel right now, I'd probably slap the living hell out of someone just for putting in an application.

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