Air Force 1 has landed! It's not everyday that you can see our nation's President land in front of you. And, it's not everyday that you see a plane in the sky and it happens to be the President's plane. Yep, there it is flying over Highway 191 between Midland and Odessa to the Midland International Air and Space Port. President Trump visits the 432 today for a luncheon in Odessa.

We were actually headed to Midland today when we noticed the plane in the sky. It actually looks bigger than other normal planes flying into the airport. Sure enough, it was Air force 1. We were not the only ones checking it out, check out the crowd and line of cars and trucks lined up on Highway 191 taking video and pics as well.

It makes me wanna watch the movie 'Air Force 1' now starring Harrison ford! Ha Ha May have to watch it tonight.

Check out the video below and in honor of Air Force 1 , check out Air Force ONES by Nelly!