Anyone who has to cross this intersection regularly knows how dangerous it is. This is whats left of my truck after trying to make a left hand turn at 52nd and Loop 338. If you've had to do it in heavy traffic you know how scary it is. If there are other cars on the opposite side of the road, stacked up to turn left, you can't see anything at all. There have been multiple wrecks at this intersection because of this.

Traffic is going 60+ mph and it is ABSOLUTELY INSANE that there is no light there. How many people have to get hurt before they make it happen? Luckily, the people in the other car were okay but it could have been way worse.

On a side note, if you see a wreck like that, stop and help! After being hit, I limped out of my truck and got to the other car to help get them out before one single person stopped. There is absolutely no reason I should have been the first person to the other car to help. It was a mom and her two kids. If that were your wife and kids, you'd hope someone would have the sense to stop. I was completely disgusted by how busy that street was and how many people just drove by.

Help me get a light put in at that intersection before someone else gets hurt. Call and complain. Write letters and emails. Help save a life.

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