So we have some new peeps here in the office and that had us wondering what are the types of people you’d find if you’ve never been here before. So we took an unofficial poll around the office and here are five types of people you’ll meet in West Texas. If you can think of more, post them in the comments.


  • The Native

    You know ‘em. They’re the ones where four or five generations have lived here and can recite every change that’s happened in the 4-3-2 for decades. What stores used to be where and how much better things were before the “out-of-towners” arrived.

  • The “Out of Towner”

    If you don’t know what one is, a Native will be sure to point them out. They’re usually the ones who haven’t been through a West Texas summer yet and will wear a full suite and stuffy tie in late July through September. Looking like they’re about to pass out from heat stroke or have no idea where they’re going during rush hour traffic.

  • The Anxious Bird

    These are usually the high school or college kid age. They grew up here or moved here from a bigger city and can’t wait to leave. There’s always nothing to do here and they’re counting down the days until they move away.

  • The Cowboy

    While they’re aren’t as many cowboys as far as the horse riding, Stetson wearing rancher as there used to be, you can still spot a few. Texas runs in their veins and they wear their cowboy hat EVERYWHERE. Driving, church, the grocery store, doesn’t matter.

  • The Oilman(woman)

    These are probably one of the most common types of people you’ll see when you first visit. The oil boom a few years ago brought them here and they’ve been working the fields ever since. Usually really tanned, hard working and you can spot their truck a few miles away from the thick coating of West Texas dirt on it. That FRC is pretty easy to spot.