It never fails, someone you know moves away and within a few months, they're saying I sure miss this restaurant or that business. Because let's face it, even though some of us complain on the daily that there ain't a dang thing to do in Midland-Odessa, there are still some things you would genuinely miss if you moved away.

What do Midland-Odessa residents say they would miss the most about the area if they were to ever move away? Find out and see if you wholeheartedly agree.


  • TRAFFIC-while you may have the occasional road construction or a few cars backed up heading into Midland off of 191 or on 42nd in Odessa, you just cannot beat the ability to get around easily as opposed to bigger Texas cities where you can guarantee traffic jams, accidents, and congestion
  • Photo by Musa Haef on Unsplash
    Photo by Musa Haef on Unsplash
  • FOOD!!!!-mexican food in West Texas is like no other! Prove me wrong.
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  • FRIENDLY PEOPLE-for the most part, there are a lot of generous, kind folks in the area. Case in point, a complete stranger bought my breakfast burritos in a local drive-thru just the other day.
  • Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash
    Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash
  • SCHOOLS/EDUCATION-we have some of the best schools in the state right here in West Texas and if you tell people where you're from, they would hands down agree!
  • Photo by CDC on Unsplash
    Photo by CDC on Unsplash

    We all have something that we love about West Texas. Something that could potentially draw you back to Midland-Odessa at some point. All in all, this is definitely not a bad place to raise a family. If you were to move away from the area, what would you miss?

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