We all have ideas to make West Texas just a little more fun. Most of which have been shot down and left in a pool of it's own blood to die in the streets but that's OK lol. If you had 5 wishes and they could only be used to make the 432 a better place to live, what would your 5 wishes be? Here are a few of mine. Feel free to steal some of mine and add your own at will.

1. Bring Back Water Wonderland. Not Hero's, Water Wonderland or GTFO.

2. Can a brotha get a Dave and Busters?

3. I would really like to see a more supportive local scene. It seems like everyone here thinks it's cool to not like anything local. Almost like they think it makes them more ahead of the trendy curve. The coolest possible thing you can do is find little known cool things to do in your own home town and make them cool. There's nothing lame about West Texas. It's actually a pretty awesome place if you aren't lame yourself.

4. I would really love a square of bars like a lot of college towns have. San Angelo even has one. It doesn't take a big city to have a square.

5. Water! I really wish we had a lake or a river here. Boat Parties, Fishing, Skiing, Camping. Having some water here would really improve the quality of life all around. On top of that, it would be great to have water that you can actually drink from the tap.