The holidays are officially here. The time of year when family begins to visit for Thanksgiving Christmas or both. It happens maybe a handful of times throughout the year that relatives come for a visit and in some cases, it is your duty to entertain. So where would you take someone who is not from here? Is there even anything to do in Odessa? You would be surprised.


  • The Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center -this beautiful venue has some of the best comedians, artists, performances, and shows I have ever been to. Try to time your family's visit just right and check the Wagner Noel website to see which show you can take them to while they are here.
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  • Ellen Noel Art Museum fine art gallery is a little gem in Odessa.They have some great programs and events throughout the year for children, teens and adults. ShrimpFest is an annual event coming up in February that is super popular with the locals. Visit their website to find out more.
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  • The Stonehenge Replica-located on the campus of UTPB, and constructed in 2004, you can impress your family by letting them know how proud we are of our version of the prehistoric monument located in England.
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  • Cinergy Odessa-you would be surprised at how impressed folks from out-of-town are with our movie theater, games, bowling alley, laser tag, escape room entertainment center right here in the Permian. This will score you points with the amount of fun they will have for sure! Visit the website for info.
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  • Permian Playhouse and/or The Globe Theater-find out when a new production or play will be performed and treat out-of-towners to the local talent we have. Visit each website to find out the upcoming schedule of events. Permian Playhouse website. Globe Theater website.
  • And you thought you were going to stay home and stare at each other the whole time! No way, there is plenty to experience in Odessa, TX. Add to the list if you'd like.

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