Valentine's Day is 8 days away! It is officially Loveuary, lovers' month, lovers day is right around the corner what are you planning for your sweetheart? Nothing drives me crazier than hearing someone, man or woman say 'I have no clue what he/she would want?' Are you kidding me? See something at a store with a heart on it? Grab it! 

There are those who choose to be extravagant and go all out with dozens of roses, cards, candy, and jewelry, and those who simply do dinner and a thoughtful note, that works too. What you cannot do is act like you did not know the day of love that falls on the 14th of February every single year, doesn't exist.

Let me help you out if I may. I have compiled a list of 25 things fellas, that you can give to your lady to make her swoon this year!


  1. flowers
  2. a valentine's day card
  3. candy
  4. chocolate covered strawberries
  5. spa day
  6. massage
  7. perfume
  8. gift card
  9. road trip
  10. love letter
  11. a bottle of her favorite wine
  12. homemade gift-if you have children, have them make something special for her
  13. lingerie
  14. stuffed animal
  15. expensive handbag
  16. manicure/pedicure
  17. subscription box
  18. photo collage
  19. lyrics to your song as a couple
  20. jewelry
  21. dinner for 2
  22. charcuterie board
  23. clothing with the word love or some other romantic expression
  24. free pass-night out with her girlfriends
  25. plane tickets-surprise with a trip you've pre-planned!

What did I miss? To be honest you can be as extreme or as simple as you want to be this Valentine's Day. Just don't oopsie forget the whole day altogether or you may get a month of sleeping on the couch!

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