If you are not from Texas, you may not know how to pronounce these places.

  1. Mexia - (muh-HAY-uh) This is actually the birthplace of Anna Nicole Smith, she of course, never wanted anyone to know about the little Texas town she was from but don't call it "MEX-ee-uh."
  2. Boerne - (BURN-ee) Don't pronounce it "born" or "burn."
  3. Bexar - (BAY-er) Yep pronounced like the aspirin or also pronounced "bear."
  4. Marathon - (mara-THUN) Not pronounced like something you run, we Texans love to mess up a word and this is one of them.
  5. Amarillo - (am-uh-RILL-oh) This one drives people who know Spanish but are not from Texas crazy since "ah-muh-REE-oh" is the correct Spanish pronunciation because Amarillo is Spanish for "yellow."
  6. Llano - (LAN-oh) This is another one that I think even drives Spanish-speaking people in Texas crazy because the correct Spanish pronunciation is "YAH-no."
  7. Gruene - (GREEN) Yes, like the color even though you may be tempted to call it "groon," just don't do it.
  8. Burnet - (BURN-it) You may want to call it by the same name as one of the most well-known comediennes from Texas, Carol Burnett who is from San Antonio, but her name has two "T"s in it and the town does not.
  9. Waxahachie - (woks-uh-HATCH-ee) Yes I know, you feel like you want to pronounce it like the stuff candles are made from, but it is not pronounced that way in Texas.
  10. Humble - (um-BULL) I know some Texans who still pronounce the "h" in this towns name, but Texans like to make some letters silent in the names of our places.

Now you are ready to tour Texas and sound like the locals, that is if you can say all of that with a Texas drawl, y'all.


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