When deciding where to live, many factors typically come into play. Do you consider your family, your job, or traffic? If you are single, it may be the crime rate, the distance to your job, or even the population of the city you are considering moving to. Having lived in Texas my entire life, I may naively think that our state is safe but unfortunately that is not the case.

According to saferAmerica, these are a few of the factors that make a city dangerous to live in:

1. Poverty-

Homeless man asking for help

2. unemployment=no money or income, which in some cases may mean increased crime.

3. police presence-with some cities have decreased police department budgets over the last few years, this may make families reconsider a move to a particular city.

4. weather/climate tornados, hurricanes, floods, and heavy snowfall are real and can be very dangerous in some situations. Here in West Texas, the most we have to worry about is strong winds. But in other parts of Texas that is not the case.

victor zastol`skiy

5. crime rate-theft, assault, robbery, violent crimes. All of these would absolutely terrify me trying to live in a certain city. Families with children would probably put this at the top of their list with good reason. According to this TikToker, these are the top 10 worst/most dangerous cities to live in Texas in 2023.

10. Waco

9. Ft. Worth

8. Corpus Christi

7. Austin

6. Mesquite

5. Dallas

4. Beaumont

3. Lubbock

2. San Antonio

1. Houston

Do you agree? If so, why? The TikToker gives no explanation.

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