Ok so I thought I had tried dang near every Mexican food restaurant in Midland-Odessa 10 times over but earlier this week I went to 1 of my favorites and decided to stray from my usual. Anytime I go to Jorge's Cafe in Odessa on 42nd street, it is either menudo because they have it any day of the week, or the green enchilada plate because that's my jam. 

But this particular day I wanted something different. My taste buds were wanting something a little more simple. Burrito? Nah. Taco? Nope. How about just some regular nachos? Beans, cheese, chips. Yeah that sounded good. Even my family asked, 'what's wrong with you, you never get nachos, at any restaurant!?'

I laughed. I just wanted to try something different on their vast menu that's all. Cut to our food arriving at our table. Holy cow! Are these my nachos? I was honestly expecting canned, ballpark cheese slapped on top of refried beans on a bed of chips but that was not the case!



Look how perfect they are. Even my family was licking their chops looking at my nachos, talking about how they wanted to try them. Paws off suckers! Ya'll thought I was crazy for deviating from the usual. lol

Next time you are searching for some good nachos with the perfect amount of melted cheese on a bed of chips, smothered with beans, you must hit up Jorge's Cafe on 42nd street in Odessa. I kid you not, I never get nachos at a restaurant. Before this, I thought ballpark nachos were where it's at. These nachos were a game changer!

Hmmmm, I wonder what Jorge's hours are today? Check out the Jorge's Cafe menu for more super tasty Mexican food.

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10 Restaurants Every Texan Should Try
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