So in what instances can a guy's 'mancard' be taken away? I decided to do some research and discovered that the only time a mancard can be taken away is when: 1) your girl chooses to keep it 2) a guy does something profoundly 'unmanly.' Well apparently, my better half felt I took his one day recently. Let me explain:

We were at the store discussing the purchase of a new vacuum and I simply asked, (in front of a couple of other people), "if we buy it, will you use it, help me around the house?" haha Just a joke. Well as I said before, he felt I took his mancard by saying such a thing in front of others or implying that he help his wife vacuum a rug at home! What do you think?

Since when did helping your girl out from time to time or when she's had a long, hard day at work become 'emasculating?' Growing up, my dad helped my mom out around the house on occasion and NEVER did I hear him complain or did I think he was less of a man for doing so. Mancards did not exist back then. In fact, I think a man who can take care of AND help out his lady sometimes is the definition of a real man and deserves a million 'mancards!'  

And FYI, for the record, my man does both, however I now know not to mention this in the presence of others, although I just did on my blog that will (hopefully) be read by many. lol What do you think? Does a guy deserve to have his mancard taken away if he's a helpful hubby?