Okay, so I'm sure these coffee cups have been out for a while, but I recently was given a Yeti Coffee Cup/Mug thing. Lol

So, here's my review on it.

1) Does it keep the coffee hot?
Well, it does for a while but honestly not very long. But, better than a regurlar cup.

2) Does it keep coffee from spilling?
Well, yes, but you have to get used to the lid. There have been a couple of time where coffee has spilled from the lid hole.

3) Is it better than a regular coffee mug? Well, yes, honestly it is better but not over the top better.

So there you have it. I will say that I love the B93 purple and the Yeti does come in many different colors. And, yes, you can place a B93 sticker on itif you want.

Happy coffee drinking!

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