Pickle cupcakes? What is this world coming to? I was extremely tempted because pickles are pretty awesome and this cupcake even smelled like pickles. Normally I'm fairly adventurous about eating something for the first time. I'll pretty much try anything. Side note, if something looks disgusting it normally is but there are a few exceptions. Muscles are one of them. If you have a chance to eat muscles I highly recommend them.

Cake Company of Odessa came through with a variety of different flavors and as usual they threw in a couple of pretty wild and unique ones. The big splash was made with the Margarita flavored cup cakes complete with a lime covered in margarita salt on top. Bruh, it's delicious.

However, I am ashamed to report that I chickened out on this one and saved it for my girlfriend. . . Who said it was amazing lol. Would you have tried it?