I don't watch a lot of pro ball. I get tired of all the drama and "he beat a woman in an elevator" this, and "he didn't stand" that. To me, college ball is the peak of athletic performance. No politics, less drama, no ridiculous salaries for the players, just the sport and a young persons desire to be really damn good at it.

I know it's not popular here in the Lonestar State, but I don't like The Horns and I don't like The Red Raiders. A&M? Don't make me laugh. As far as the Sooners go, I'm a firm believer that Texas is so windy because the Sooners suck so hard. (Let it be known that the harmless trash talk is definitely part of the fun)  What's a friendly competition without a little bit of trash talking?

Notre Dame all the way. Go ahead and celebrate Longhorns fans. After last year, you guys needed a pick me up. I'll give you the win graciously but lets please stop with the whole "The Horns stomped Notre Dame" talk. . .Bruh, It was 3 points. You're a big 12 team. For Notre Dame to out rank you as much as they do this season you should be ashamed of yourselves lol.

Enough trash talk. Everyone have an awesome season. COLLEGE BALL IS BACK!