One thing most people usually know about me after only getting to know me for a day is that I love pretty much every kind of music. I know a lot of people when you ask them what kind of music they listen to automatically say "pretty much everything". I take that to extremes.


If you're bored with music lately just message me. I promise I'll direct you to something you didn't even know existed  at the very least....and you'll probably like it enough to dive in a litter deeper on your own. For starters, if you're a hip hop fan, go check out Die Antwoord. They aren't exactly underground. If you've ever seen the movie Chappie then you already know who they are. South African Hip Hop is pure insanity.


These pics however are from an old school legend. For the very few of you who have no clue who this is, I introduce to you the one and the only Alice Cooper. This show was at the Wagner Noel last night and IT.WAS.INSANE! It doesn't matter if you're familiar with the music at all. If you get a chance to see Alice Cooper live, GO SEE HIM! I've seen a TON of acts over the years and this show wasn't just "good for this area". It was easily in the top 5 best shows I've ever seen period.

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