Yeah me too bruh. That would totes be awesome huh! Here's the part where you're gonna be all mad at me and such...I don't have a million dollars. I'm just kind of a jerk and wanted to waste like 20 seconds of your day. Those seconds are mines now. You can never a have them back bruh.

Besides, shouldn't you be like working or something? I'm totes gonna tell on you. You should be ashamed of yourself. You're a horrible excuse for a human being...

...Wait, I should be working too. Instead I'm sitting here wasting your time and mine. I'm honestly sitting here as I type this wondering how many people have even actually read this far. Some of you got a little giggle out of it while a few are actually mad as hell right now, but the vast majority of people reading this are probably just thinking I'm quite possibly the dumbest person on the planet right now...but I still tricked you into reading this completely pointless blog. So I have that going for me.

If you actually read this entire thing then guess what? You totes just won a million dollars dude. Ok, that's a lie too. My bad. On the bright side, you could tag a friend and waste their time too. So there's that.