Who let the dog indeed. This happened right here in the 432. My pal came home from work only to find that his full grown doberman was eagerly awaiting his arrival on the roof of his house.


My question is, did the dog somehow get up there himself or did someone put him up there? Personally, I've never gazed upon a doberman lounging in someones yard and thought to myself, "You know what? That's a nice dog right there, but he's clashing with the grass. I think he'd make a much better gargoyle than a yard gnome."


How long was the poor fella up there? Was he cool with it or was he freaking out the entire time? Oddly enough, he seems pretty happy with himself as if he was plotting this for years. "Oh mail man, you've eluded me for so many years, but today sir, you shall face justice!"


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