I am a long time Joker fan. Not a Batman fan. A joker fan. I really don't like Batman at all. 1st off...There's no way Batman could beat Superman ever, in any situation. I hate that they have him struggling with villains like the Penguin and Two Face, but somehow he can come up with a way to take down an alien with pretty much every super power there is. It's just lame writing.

That being said, I LOVE the Joker. Everything is a joke to him, including Batman. He has always cracked me up and I've always loved how sinister his character is. He can be funny and pure evil all at the same time. With no special abilities, he is able to constantly able to out wit "The world's greatest detective". The question remains though. Who is the best Joker of all time? I'm gonna go ahead and save you a long debate. The answer is Mark Hamill. Yes, Luke Skywalker is the best Joker of all time by a long shot. He voiced the Joker for years in the 90's animated series and became exactly what that character should be. He also voiced several of the Batman video games. Anyone who watched the series and played the games, will agree 100%. Mark Hamill is THE Joker, no contest.

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