First off, let me say that I do not use windshield sun shades. Not that I think they don't work, but because of this reason.... I HATE TO FOLD THEM UP! There it is. LOL Now, my wife totally uses windshield sun shades which of course means that I still have to deal with them. Whenever we are in her truck or whenever I go to wash her vehicle, there I am dealing with these windshield sun shades. When you get new sun shades, they are so easy to fold, but after a while, why do they get all twisted up. LOL

Folding up a sunshade for a car is like a puzzle to me and I hate doing puzzles! Yeah, I can never fold it up the same way twice. And that little VELCRO string thing to buckle it up? Nope, that thing is always the wrong way or the Velcro has worn off already. Yep, this is my journey with these windshield sun shades.

Which brings me to this VIDEO that somehow was recommended to me in my YOUTUBE feed. How did they know I needed help I this area of my life? LOL

It's called the Umbrella Windshield Sunshade or something like that. Anyways, apparently you open up the sunshade like an umbrella and fold it up like an umbrella. Well, that seems easy enough for me. I think I can handle an umbrella type mechanism. At least, that's what I say now. Mind you, I read some reviews on it and some were mixed so I would definitely look into it.

Then I found this crazy looking thing. Is that BLINDS for you windshield? HA HA. Okay, maybe were taking this too far.


I DO NOT endorse any of these items, but I might try them. Ha Ha

Or, maybe I'll learn to fold up a regular windshield sun shade?

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