I am convinced that the same people that make the ice cream shake machine at McDonald's also make the air machines to fill up your tires. This Sunday my truck warned me that I had low tire pressure so I decided, okay, let me stop somewhere and fill up with air Well, I kid you not, stopped at 5 different locations that said they had air for tires and YES all of the machines were broken. Unbelievable! I literally stopped at 6 different convenience stores in either the air tire pressure machine was broken or they didn't even have a machine available.

I mean where do you go if you want air in your tires these days? You would be surprised right now if you wanted to air your tire that it would probably take you a little bit of a grip to find a tire pressure machine. Hey, forget about getting a free one obviously you're going to have to pay or run your credit card to get the machine to work but, that wasn't the problem, the problem was I couldn't even find a machine that worked anywhere and I literally looked for about 34 minutes before I finally found one and it was free as well. I never thought trying to put air in a tire would be so tedious. So, the next time you need to put a little bit of air in your tire beware it isn't as easy as it sounds. Good luck in trying to find one. Somehow, I feel like this ia a business opportunity for somebody.

By the way MIGHTY WASH is where I found an awesome working AIR TIRE PRESSURE! Thank You MIGHTY WASH!
Where do you air your tires?

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