If you live in Texas you LOVE Whataburger, right? It's a TEXAS thing. Well, it might be a Kansas City thing thanks to a former TEXAN!! We all know Patrick Mahomes used to go to school up in Lubbock at Texas Tech. And, I'm sure he had his FILL of Whataburger in those days.

About 2 or 3 years ago after he moved to Kansas City to begin his quest for a Superbowl, which he already has done, he tweeted he sure wished there was a Whataburger in Kansas City.

Via Patrick Mahomes Twitter
Via Patrick Mahomes Twitter

Well, wishes do come true. Not sure if it's because of Patrick's public plea for a Whataburger, but they just announced that they are expanding to the Kansas City area.

Whataburger told the San Antonio Business Journal, a sister publication of the Kansas City Business Journal, that it is looking to open restaurants in Kansas City and Tennessee and will begin franchising for the first time in nearly two decades.   LINK TO STORY

At this point after Patrick just signed a 500 MILLION Dollar extension with the Kansas City Chiefs, he can probably BUY several Whataburger stores! Not mad at Patrick for expressing his need for a Whataburger FIX in Kansas City and maybe getting some stores to open up in that area! Hey Patrick, I'll take a COMBO #1!

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