We love us some Whataburger!
In fact, our friend Sarah fromn Whataburger is always dropping by with the latest and greatest from Whataburger.
She will visit the station every now and then and tell us what's back on the menu or some new item they are introducing.
And, she always brings some great SWAG BAGS for giveaways.
One of the things she always tells us is that you can CUSTOM anything at Whataburger. You can add this to that or take off this and that! LOL You can order a regular size and make it a junior.

So, when I was reading THIS ARTICLE form the MRT about Whatabugrer having a secret menu I was like, oh it makes sense since Sarah is always telling us you can custom many things. Here are the highlight items the MRT article says is on the Whataburger Secret Menu!

Grilled Cheese with Grilled Vegatables

Wow,  I knew they had grilled cheese but really never thought of putting grilled vegtables on it. Sounds awesome already! In fact I would add some BACON to it asl well!

Whatachicken Strips With Pancakes

Okay this makes sense. I've always wondered why Chicken and Waffles was a thing but Pancakes in stead of waffles wasn't. Well, I guess it is! A big yes to trying this! With some MILK!

Bunless Bacon and Cheese Whataburger

Now, this doesn't sound too new. I know a lot of peeps that order burgers with no buns!

Those were some of the highlights from the MRT article, and actually the sky is the limit. You could probably make so many different combinations and Whataburger would make it for you!

Are there any combinatons you would add to the Whataburger Secret Menu!?

Man, I love me some Whataburger!

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