There are plenty of common use words that are both nessisary and definately important in everyday correspondence. Dang it. If there was a way to never use those words again, I'd do it.

I'm not the strongest speller. The only time I ever competed in a spelling bee I was knocked out in this first round for misspelling staircase. Sometimes, I spell so poorly that my spell checker just shrugs its shoulders and I have to do a series of strategic Google searches to finally find the word I meant to use.

Suffice to say, I am not making a judgment about anyone's bad spelling, except that the most misspelled word in Texas is so... revealing. It's normal.

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Even though I'm terrible at spelling, I've never had a problem with that word. And it's not a word that is heavily mispronounced or, shall we say, charmingly pronounced by Texans. Unlike "hill," which I often find myself pronouncing as "heel," or "Coors," which is a linguistic nightmare for me and usually comes out something like "Kuers."

Unlike most of the English language, 'normal' makes phonetic sense. It has no surprises. It has a Latin root. It's really as easy as the English language allows itself to get. It's...normal.

So why is it so regularly misspelled, particularly in Texas? I think it must be an issue of frequency. I think it's an indication that Texans are smart.

My theory is that Texans are frequently typing "Is it normal..." questions on Google.

Is it normal for a cat to have a temperature over 100 degrees? Is it normal for fingernails to have ridges? Is it normal to see hail in June? I believe Texans are not misspelling it, but having frequency typos. (I will warn you that some of the autofill suggestions on "Is it normal..." are a little concerning. To all y'all googling "Is it normal to cry everyday," it's not. Please get therapy. I say this with love.)

To all my fellow Texans, don't feel too abnormal. We could be Alaska, who can't spell cheese.

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