I have never understood what people are talking about when they say there's nothing fun going on here. There are ALWAYS several things going on here and I'm not talking about bland every day boring events. I'm talking about fun events for both kids and adults. It just always seems to me, that the people complaining about nothing to do here are the same ones who end up at the same bars every week or at the same house parties. Go to some of these local events and you might just find out you've been selling the 432 short this entire time.

For example, if you're looking to take the kiddo's somewhere you have Discover the Dinosaurs on the 18th. It's no secret that kids LOVE dinosaurs and they can't learn enough about them. Not only is this fun but it's educational. The Ector County Coliseum usually has something going down.

We always have tons of sports games. From WTX Pride Football, to the Rockhounds Baseball, to the Odessa Jackalopes, this is a sports city and there are always games going on from teams who greatly appreciate their fans and the support of the local community.

Adults, The Midland Horseshoe Pavilion is hosting our Purple Rain Pop Up Party June 18th. Admission is cheap, the drinks are reasonably priced, the girls LOOOOVE Prince, and you are able to dress up if you like. Get away from the normal boring every day stuff. Cut loose a little bit. Relax, dress up, and see Bobby Miller as Prince AND Michael Jackson.

I found out a long time ago that if you stop trying to find a problem with where you're at and start trying new things, this area isn't nearly as boring as a lot of people think it is. That was just 3 events I mentioned. I know of at least 6 more in the next 2 or 3 weeks. Get out there. Let go. Have fun and enjoy the place you're at instead of wishing you were somewhere else.