Most of us pay-at-the-pump right? I mean, it's real easy. You swipe your credit card, push the buttons, take the lever and gas up . But, what happens when it doesn't take your card? Has this ever happened to you? Maybe you keep pushing the buttons and it says 'pay inside'. Don't you love it when you pull up to gas up your vehicle and the pump says pay inside. Do you actually go inside and pay? Or, do you do like I do and drive around until you find a pump that actually works without having to go inside. Many times I will go to a pump and I guess I'm the lucky guy that always gets the pump that has a problem with it. Either the computer is whacked out and the screen has nothing on it, or the message says 'pay inside' and it doesn't allow you to pay with your card. Sometimes, you swipe your card and nothing happens. Either way, if the machine or pump tells me to go inside and pay, guess what, I'm not going inside and paying. I will drive around the same lot and look for a pump that works or I will drive to another gas station. Are you the same way? Or, do you actually go inside and pay if the pump tells you to do so. I guess, if you need to buy something inside like a Slurpee or a drink or a snack then maybe going inside is not a big deal, but most of the time I'm not up for it and I'm like nope I'm out of here. Look, I know it's no big deal to walk inside and pay inside I'm just telling you what my habit is and usually I will look for another pump or I'm out of there. LOL. What do you usually do in this situation?

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