All of us here in texas will never forget last weeks Snow/Freeze Storm! It was insane. The freezing temps and rolling blackouts were crazy. Lots of businesses lost electricty as well.  And, peeps were looking for anything that was open. Well, in Texas , peeps need thier Whataburger, freeze or not! And ,when the snowstorm hit, everyone was looking for an open Whataburger. And, if they found one they were there for the party.

How long wouild you stay in line for Whataburger? Ask anyone in Texas, and the answer is probably...'A Long Time'. LOL
Don't mess with TEXAS and our love for Whataburger. There were many long lines during the snowstorm at any OPEN Whatabuger last week. I'm not going to lie, I would stay in line for Whataburger for a long time. BUT SAFETY COMES FIRST!  Count me in! Especially, if my home had lost power, which it did. I can rmemebr driving around and many places here in the 432 were closed due to the lost of electricity. And, trust if I would have found an OPEN Whatburger I would have been like the people in these videos.

Apparently, there were a bunch of long lines at Whataburgers across Texas last week during the snowstorm and freeze. Some of these lines were crazy long. But, in Texas we love us some Whataburger so what's an hour or more wait in line during some crazy weather times?

How long would you have waited? Would you have even get in the line that was BLOCKS long? Not gonna lie, I would have been in line as well! Check out these videos of LINES at Whatburger during snowstorm!

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