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My girls are trippin on me because I'm going on a trip with a guy I met 1 month ago! Look, we have connected and honestly things are good!  Well, he invited me on a trip next week and I'm actually excited about it. Thing is that most of my squad thinks 1 month is too soon do do a TRIP with him. Um, I don't see a problem, do you guys?



Life’s too short.
I say do it.
Why not? ‍♀️

Lauren Ashley H
Go on the trip.

Ricky Barrientes
I've gone on many trips with people I just met.
I've taken people on trips I only knew when we were children and didn't know each other as adults at all.
I can honestly say just be sure and send someone close a picture of the person and the license plate just incase.
Even if you have known this person your whole life, it could be great or be bad.
Doesn't matter the amount of time.
Life's a risk carnal.

If you feel comfortable go ahead and go and have fun but make sure you tell everyone where you will be in contact phone number also keep location active on your phone and your identification on you at all times just in case something happens


You can’t please anyone people will talk shot if you go or don’t go… the only person you gotta please in this world is yourself. Do what makes you happy so you have no regrets when you die.



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