We're so grateful for caring people like Nicole Toney who recently put herself in danger to save the life of a precious little creature who was truly in dire straits.

The cat who Nicole and her family have affectionately nicknamed #bridgekitty was found in Bridge City, Texas on the Veterans' Memorial Bridge. As you'll see in the video below, the sweet kitty was precariously perched on the bridge. Traffic zooming by on the left and the looming dropoff to the right.

Hundreds of cars drove by, and many probably didn't even notice. Thankfully, Nicole Toney did. And she stopped, at risk to herself, to try and rescue the kitten. Take a look:

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@nicoletoneyWhen I say I was so scared I almost puked….♬ original sound - Nicole Toney
Apparently we're not the only ones inspired by this story. It's been watched more than 4 MILLION times on TikTok.
Because of Nicole, this little cat was not only rescued but ended up finding a forever family where she would be well-loved and safe. The story of this one little cat and a stunning example of human kindness has resonated with so many.
Nicole has been compelled to share many follow-up videos to let everyone interested know how she's doing and to answer the many questions curious viewers have for her. 

Here's her initial follow-up video on how #bridgekitty is doing:

@nicoletoney Update on #bridgekitty♬ original sound - Nicole Toney
OK, so that one was adorably interrupted by the happy chaos going on with all of her animal friends--including #bridgekitty.

Let's look at the second one where she talks about the kitty got there in the first place:

@nicoletoney Part 2 #bridgekitty♬ original sound - Nicole Toney
I'm inclined to agree regarding how the cat likely got there--and frankly, the thought is infuriating. How could someone ever feel it's okay to dump a living creature in the middle of traffic?
Nicole continues her series with quite a few follow-up videos for those who have more questions there on her TikTok. Take a look if you want to know more about the story. 
We're just so thankful that the kitty found a good home--and, just as importantly, that there are people in this world that still care for the littlest and most vulnerable among us.
We need more people like that in this world. 

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