Having a gigantic ranch with thousands of acres of land in the great state of Texas, that sounds like a dream come true for so many people. Living on your land, providing for your family from crops that you grew yourself, that has to be a wonderful feeling. I’m not sure that will ever be the life for me, but if you’re interested in having your own farm you probably want to know the most valuable crops that are grown in the state of Texas and we have that list for you. 

According to the team at Stacker, there are more than 2 million farms across the United States. And 86% of all agricultural products in America are made by family ranches and farms. It’s crazy to think that each farm provides food for approximately 166 people per year. It was also interesting to find out that more African American and Hispanic and Latino farm owners now than there have ever been before.  

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Do Your Research Before Deciding to Become a Farmer in Texas 

Being a farmer is not easy, there are long hard days that you have to put in if you want your farm to be successful. Before you decide to roll up your sleeves and become a farmer make sure you do your research and ask other farmers what it’s like, that way you know the ups and downs that are waiting for you if you decide to buy your own farm. 

List of the Most Valuable Crops Grown in Texas 

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture here is a look at the most valuable crops grown in Texas: 

15 Most Valuable Crops Grown in Texas

These crops are bringing in the most money for hard working Texas farmers:

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