Mom, dad beware! My little one came home yesterday wanting to know all about the 'one-chip challenge' that her friends were talking about at school. As a parent, I always ask questions about this type of thing. Who, what, when, where, why? She told me that it is a new 'TikTok thing' that her friends are curious about and, heaven forbid, want to try. 

I quickly went to investigate and once I looked into it a little more, I decided to share it with her as a warning of what not to do. Just because everyone is doing it on TikTok or your friends say it's cool and won't hurt you doesn't mean you listen or try it because someone else did. The one-chip challenge has gone viral but experts are warning against it, specifically for kids.


The 2022 One Chip Challenge apparently is a challenge that features the Carolina Reaper Chip.

According to the, 

The viral food challenge is a recurring online dare created by Paqui, a flavored tortilla chip company, that releases a new spicy chip for the challenge.

People are encouraged to eat the chip and then wait it out. Wait as long as you possibly can before drinking anything after eating this super hot chip.


Yes! Kids who have tried the one-chip challenge, reportedly are being taken to the hospital in extreme pain. One TikToker who goes by the name  @angela_b157, tried the challenge and seemed ok even claiming, 'it's not that bad.' However minutes later she began stomping her feet and screaming that the burn was getting worse and begging someone to take her to the hospital.

She was given different medications that took hours to ease her intense stomach pains. Several students in the state of Texas have fallen ill and have even had to miss school after trying the one-chip challenge.

It is one thing for an adult to to try it, to each his own but parents stay vigilant and talk to your kids about the dangers of trying it. Watch as this TikToker tries the one-chip challenge and ultimately claims that it is horrible, she was sick for 2 days and strongly recommends that you not try it!

@jeanniekai When i tried the #onechipchallenge ‍♀️ never fkn again doing these fkn challenges!! This was HORRIBLE! I wasn’t okay for 2 days HIGHLY NOT RECOMMEND YOU DO THIS BUT IF YOU DO, DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK #fyp #eatwithjeannie #onechipchallenge2022 #ohno #regret ♬ Oh No - Kreepa

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