Travis Scott's legal battles stemming from an April 2017 concert that left one of his fans paralyzed continues. Earlier today (Oct. 29), The Blast reported that Bowery Presents LLC., which owns the venue in which the Scott fan took a disastrous fall a year-and-a-half ago, is suing the rapper for allegedly failing to secure the proper insurance for the April 2017 concert. They filed the suit on Oct. 18.

According to the celebrity news site, Bowery Presents alleges that Scott promised them that he'd take out an insurance policy for the concert but ultimately failed to do so. Now, they're saying the Astroworld rapper is responsible for paying the damages that would be paid to the Kyle Green, the injured fan who sued both Scott and Bowery Presents last October.

This past August, Scott filed a countersuit against Bowery Presents. In the suit, Scott accuses Terminal 5's venue management (Bowery Presents) and the security venue's security team (Strike Force Protective Services) of recklessness.

In the incident that started this entire legal saga, Green suffered a fractured vertebrae, broken left wrist and fractured right ankle after allegedly being shoved off a balcony. He alleges that the rapper instructed fans to jump which resulted in Green getting shoved over a balcony by Scott’s fans.

XXL has reached out to Travis Scott's reps for comment on this situation.

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